Risk Assessment

We very much want guests to have an enjoyable and safe stay in the Ludlow Holiday Cottage. Accidents can happen at any time, to the most careful of people, but there is an added risk when one is in unfamiliar surroundings. For your safety and information we have tried to identify possible sources of ‘danger’ and advise how to avoid these and minimise risks.


We have identified two groups for whom the property is not suitable for: children and infants, and any adult with mobility problems, unable to cope confidently and safely with steps and/or open treads or spiral stairs. The stairs; the stairs could be slippery in slippers/socks, so extra care should be taken, and at all times use the handrail when using the stairs. Note Guests must take every care to ensure the safety of any visiting child/infant or less mobile adult.


Please familiarise yourself with the detailed instructions for use of the Fire equipment provided, and fire escape procedures, in the Information and Advice folder provided for guest’s information. The Fire equipment provided is a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket. We do ask guests to be extremely sensible and aware of the special dangers posed by fire, and the risk to personal injury.

Mains operated interlinked heat detectors are fitted in the bedroom and kitchen. Emergency lighting; A torch is provided.

The Wood-Burner

Detailed instructions for lighting and regulating the wood- burning stove are supplied in the Information and Advice folder for guest’s further information.

Hygiene and Welfare

Central Heating etc.

The Ludlow Holiday Cottage has a solar hot water and heating system, with the added back up of a boiler. A digital room thermostat and control is situated in the lounge. Detailed instructions for use of the system are found in the Information and Advice folder.

Disposal of Waste

Please help us by sorting your refuse into the appropriate bin. Bins are stored to the side of the property. An integral bin is fitted in the kitchen, spare liners are provided. The bin categories are:  glass (bottles/jars), plastic containers (milk cartons only) paper, cardboard, household rubbish  - please rinse all cartons/tins.


Internally, please do not leave any tap running, as there are potential serious consequences. Please do not leave the bath, basin or kitchen sink taps running, unattended.


Please take care when getting in or out of the bath, and be aware that a tiled floor can become slippery. Please use the cotton bath mat provided, to prevent slipping.


It is of the utmost importance for guests to read the information that we send you in advance of your arrival, (key collection etc), and the Information and Advice folder on arrival. Please also ensure that you familiarise yourself with the building, its surroundings and all safety instructions.

August 2019